Proscare Generic Proscar (Finasteride)

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proscarecompraresProscare 5mg Proscareeride

Proscare 5mg is suitable for the treatment of existing symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. In addition, if dosed at 1mg it can also be used against male pattern hair loss.

Our mission is to offer you pure pharmaceutical quality in Proscare 5mg tablets at fair prices, to stop your hair loss and trigger hair regrowth. Our generic Proscareeride 5mg is produced by legal pharmaceutical companies with production facilities that meet all required health and safety standards.
Why we don’t supply unbranded Proscareeride tablets?

The internet is riddled with online shops where you can buy Proscare 5mg tablets. However, these tablets are 99 out of 100 times unbranded or fake, without a legal pharmaceutical manufacturer behind it. Because of the high profit margins involved with these illegal Proscare 5mg tablets you can find them in most of the prominent online shops operating worldwide. These online shops purchase the tablets from middle men as the original source is not a legal manufacturer but rather underground. It is hard-if not impossible-to assure pure quality without any sort of contamination and its effectiveness.
Branded generic Proscareeride

Many large and small online shops offer branded generic Proscareeride 5mg without providing additional information about the source of the tablets. If there is no clear information on the manufacturer, then you can be almost 100% assured that it is fake Proscareeride. In other words, Proscareeride that might or might not work, that might or might not be contaminated, and that certainly isn’t made in a production facility that meets all safety and health requirements. The manufacturer of the generic Proscareeride, the middle men, and the online shops where you can buy these generic Proscareeride 5mg tablets online, don’t like complete transparency and prefer not to provide complete company and contact details.
Proscare 5mg tablets

If you want to buy Proscare 5mg tablets you have to be very careful. Again, common sense applies. If in your country Proscare is not available over the counter and a prescription from a doctor is required, but the tablets are offered as being localized for your country or any other country where it is registered as a prescription drug, they will be most likely fake. Illegal trade in genuine pharmaceutical prescription drugs including Proscare 5mg Proscareeride tablets, is rare. And they would definitely not be sold so openly. That means they are produced underground with all risks involved for your health and safety.
How do you recognize fake Proscare 5mg tablets?

In order to conclude that the Proscare 5mg tablets are not genuine, several factors are

Often the manufacturing and expiration date is not mentioned
Proscare which is localized to a country where it is registered as prescription drug
The website where you buy Proscare has no complete contact details available through which you can contact them
They are sharply priced. Too good to be true.

Choose your online shop carefully!

Proscare is a treatment for hair loss in men that requires you to take the 5mg tablets (split into five) on a daily base in perpetuity. It concerns a product that can be directly harmful for your health. We think it is absurd that online shops offer Proscare 5mg which is not genuine and does not meet all health and safety standards. The reason behind it is the immense profits these illegal producers and the online shops make. Within this context, you as a consumer are responsible for your own choices.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have no faith in online shops that offer such Proscare 5mg tablets. Therefore, we decided to only offer Proscare tablets which are localized to a country where it is available over the counter.

YVSO doesn’t make use of shady middle men, we buy our Proscare 5mg tablets in bulk from a well-known pharmacy chain in a country where Proscareeride is available without prescription from a doctor. This guarantees our customers that buy our Proscare online that they always have pharmaceutical quality in their hands. Besides, you can always contact us, we have no secrets and are willing to answer all your questions.